The 27project.org website was awoken from its sleep a few days ago when a new #lostarg posted a link to the site. Twitter user @elliottgraves has devised an “unofficial” lostarg, a side plot to the TV series Lost.

We watch as the traffic grew and grew and decided that we’d have a little fun with some of the visitors and see the reaction.

Now the web is basically real-time, I was able to read tweets, see blog entries and read the comments and adjust my posts accordingly.

I posted a blank page that contained a tag in the html encoded in base64 that read “do not trust me. G.”

I set the page to refresh after 5 seconds, yet still people we finding the “hidden clues” and reporting back their findings.

Looking back on it now, I should have stuck some banner ads on there…

For the latest on the #simeonhobbes arg, search for that hash tag on Twitter or visit http://lostarg.wordpress.com where you’ll also find my confession.


When travelling I usually expect a few occurrences of 27 along the way.
When it comes to flying however, is it a good or a bad omen?

Departing from Gate 27?

Departing from Gate 27?